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Video Transcript

Since LinkedIn is a business-oriented social platform, the content you share through your Company Page should focus heavily on positioning your company as an industry leader in your business niche. This is the best place to share industry insights, company-specific news, information about your products and services and exciting additions to your team.  The optimal time to share those updates are morning to midday, Monday to Friday.

Aim to publish an update a day and scale up your frequency from there. You can target your updates by a number of demographics and you should always include your employees in your targeted audience -  they are your best brand advocates and are the most likely to take action on your posts, amplifying them in their own networks. However, avoid setting too many targeting parameters which could potentially alienate interested parties.

You can further increase the reach of your content by selectively cross-posting your company’s updates from your personal LinkedIn account to the groups where you’re a member. Be mindful of what you share so you don’t bombard the group with promotional content that should be presented on your Company Page. Instead, focus on sharing content that the group would find valuable and informative such as analysis of industry trends or recent changes in your regulatory environment.

Consider using a slide deck as a visually engaging alternative for communicating industry-related content. Slideshare displays well in LinkedIn’s feed and can be a great alternative to the standard text format.

When sharing videos, keep them short since most LinkedIn members are active during working hours and may not have the time to watch a long video. Host your videos on YouTube as they will play directly in the LinkedIn feed and can result in more shares.