Create an App

App Directory SDK

Create an App

1. Apply to Become a Developer

Before you start building an app, you'll need to register to become a Hootsuite Developer. Make sure you've read through the Terms of Service, then submit your registration. An active Hootsuite account is required to do this. You'll be notified by email when your account is ready. 

2. Domain Setup

Apps need to be hosted on https servers, so you'll need to set up the domain where your app will be hosted and get a SSL certificate. For development purposes, this can be your local machine (ex. https://localhost).

If you don't have a server to host your app, we recommend using Heroku as a hosting solution.

3. App Configuration

Once your account is setup, you will need to configure your app in My Apps. Apps are comprised of one or more app streams that represent different ways for users to interact with your app.

There are two steps to configuring your app:

  1. Retrieve and store your API key
  2. Create your first app stream

4. Retrieve your API Key

Within My Apps, click on your default app to access your app information, which includes your API key. Save the API key locally and keep it safe! You will use this key later within your app to enable communication between it and the Hootsuite dashboard.

5. Uninstall Callback

Hootsuite supports url callback to a specified url when any user uninstalls your app. The callback request (POST - application/x-www-form-urlencoded) contains User ID (i), Time Stamp (ts), and Token (token). You can configure your Uninstall Callback URL in your app setting.

Example method of using the Uninstall Callback URL 


$i = $_POST['i'];
$ts = $_POST['ts'];
$token = $_POST['token'];


Once you've set up your app, you can move on to adding an App Stream