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We champion the power of human connection. We’re united by our shared values of grit, humility, building a better way, and passion for customer success.

Each day millions of people use Hootsuite to connect, share, and build authentic relationships. Knowing we play a role in facilitating those connections drives us. From Vancouver to London to Singapore—and across our 15 global office locations—our team of 1,000+ work purposefully to solve problems, build innovative solutions, and deliver results.

A role at Hootsuite will accelerate your career. Whether you take on a stretch assignment, take on new challenges, or follow a guru path to subject matter mastery—you will learn, grow, and make an impact.

Who You Are...

You will work shoulder to shoulder with talented, fun-loving software developers working on challenging problems. You will collaborate in small teams to design, build, and ship high quality software to Hootsuite's customers. You will also help shape our long-term technical roadmap as we build the next generation of our mobile apps and APIs. You will iterate in an agile fashion, creating hypotheses and testing them via continuous integration and delivery, find opportunities to lead by nurturing the development of more junior team mates and share your knowledge within the Product Development team as well as within the broader technical community by giving tech talks and writing blog posts. You will help shape our culture by improving our processes and codebases.


You’re Great At...

  • Developing and maintaining software using Java. You are experienced in building, debugging and profiling apps
  • Working with Android. You understand the ins and outs of fragments, animation, threading, and the latest Android APIs
  • Shipping. You have at least one app in the Google Play Store
  • Mentoring other developers
  • Automating testing (Espresso and Unit tests)
  • Refactoring. When you see things that could be better, you take action
  • Working with APIs (REST, 3rd party social network)
  • Making customers happy by delivering high quality software products


Bonus Points…

  • Developing and maintaining software using Kotlin
  • You have a sizeable portfolio of 'Difficult problems... solved'
  • You have experience with large, complex, mature software applications
  • You have a github account with public projects, not just forks
  • You have contributed to open source projects