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Video Transcript

To optimize your Instagram profile, begin by selecting a clear and memorable profile photo. Your logo is usually the best choice, however if it doesn’t display well as a thumbnail photo, consider creating an adapted version or using a memorable branded graphic. Next, turn your attention to the bio field and the website field.

In addition to the great content you share, your bio is an opportunity to entice people to follow your account. Use it to communicate what your company does and what unique or exciting content you share. For example, if you run an organic grocery store, you might say that you post recipes, food facts and announce sale promotions. If you operate an ecommerce fashion store, you could  use this space to say that you post contemporary looks from emerging designers.

The website field is the only spot on your profile where you can place a clickable link that lets people navigate from Instagram to your website. Use this spot to drive traffic to the most relevant page on your website. Simply Pick the best page for potential visitors to land - like your blog or online shop, or create a custom landing page meant just for Instagram users. Remember - most people clicking this link will be on a mobile device, so any destination you choose should  be optimized for a mobile experience. If you’re running a campaign, change the link to direct traffic to your most relevant  content. For example, say you’re a florist who typically uses the website field to link to your shop. If you’re running a Mother’s Day promotion, you may change the link to direct people to your Mother’s Day promotions page for the 3 weeks before the holiday.

And finally, double check that your account is set to public so Instagram users don’t need to request your permission to follow you or view your content.