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Video Transcript

Once you’ve linked all your social network accounts into your Hootsuite Dashboard, you are ready to start effortlessly sharing messages through Hootsuite.

From your dashboard point your mouse over the compose box or social profile picker to reveal the dropdown.

On the left are your social network accounts.

You can pin or star your favourite accounts to make it easier to find and send messages to those accounts.

You can choose multiple networks to post to, or just one.

The character count limits for the social networks your posting to are visible at the bottom of the compose box.  Now craft your message.

If you’re sharing a link, paste it in the link shortener and press “shrink” to save those precious character counts.

Sharing an image? Press the paper clip to reveal the dropdown and select the file or drag and drop into the window.

When your message is ready you can hit send to publish it immediately or schedule it to go out later.

To manually schedule a message, click on the scheduling icon inside of the compose box.

Then select a date and time to publish your message.

If you’re not entirely sure when to post your message, toggle the autoschedule button and Hootsuite’s algorithm will choose the best time to post your message.  

To adjust the autoschedule options, click on the settings gear.

Alternately, you may choose to receive an email when the message is sent by checking the option box or Click View the date in Publishing to review other content that might be scheduled for that day.

To complete your scheduled message, click Schedule. Once scheduled, all messages can be edited and reviewed inside of the publisher