Quickstart (Self Hosted)

App Directory SDK

Quickstart for App Directory Developers

This Quickstart provides an easy to follow step-by-step guide to getting started with your first app. It is divided in three easy-to-understand sections.

Create an App

In this section you will get started with registering yourself as an App Developer and setting up your app in My Apps.

Add an App Stream

Within the Hootsuite dashboard, users manage tabs that contain streams of information from their social networks (ex. Twitter Mentions, Facebook Posts, etc.). Through Apps, developers can create custom App Streams that users can add to the tabs on their dashboard. This Quickstart section guides you through adding an App Stream to your App.

Add an App Plugin

App Plugins allow App Developers to extend the set of actions that can be taken on messages within a Hootsuite dashboard social media streams. For example, through plugins, App Developers can empower users to send messages to other line of business systems to do things like create support ticket, generate sales leads or notify colleagues of messages via internal collaboration software systems.

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