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Hootsuite App Directory SDK Versions

As the App Directory grows and expands, new SDK versions with additional features will be made available. These new versions can update or improve your apps. The most current SDK will always be referenced in our documentation, but previous versions are still available for legacy products.

Version History




Deprecated as of March 5, 2015


Current Version

New Features (v2.0)

  • Simplified communication layer
  • Assignments and the new Callback URL: In a similar fashion to the Uninstall Callback URL, you can now specify a URL for receiving updates from the SDK for assignments (and other functions in the future). When an update is made to an assignment, either from your app or from within the dashboard, the SDK will call this URL with the updated information in the query portion of the url.
  • New SDK methods that are being built will only work on V2.0

Improvements (v2.0)

  • App response time is improved
  • Plugins will no longer disappear in the dashboard
  • SDK events 'sendtoapp' and 'sendprofiletoapp' sending misleading data for RT content
  • Resolved issue with plugins not always appearing in message and profile menu dropdowns

Version Details

Hootsuite App Directory SDK v2.0 was released on March 6th, 2015. In this version, we've moved away from the App Receiver framework and simplified the communication layer with a new javascript postMessage() function to directly communicate between the Hootsuite dashboard and your app. The new function is secure and compatible with browsers back to Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome, Safari 5+, Firefox 3+, and works in both http and https.

We recommend updating your apps to the new SDK.

Previous Releases

For any app still running on the v0.6 Hootsuite App Directory SDK, you can access documentation here: