App Directory SDK


The Hootsuite App Directory SDK enables developers to extend the Hootsuite dashboard with their own Apps. This documentation provides all of the information necessary for developing apps and making them available in the Hootsuite App Directory.



Apps connect Hootsuite users to other SaaS applications, line of business systems and social networks not natively supported by the Hootsuite dashboard. Each app is comprised of app streams and plugins that users can add to their dashboards through a unified App Directory install and configure experience.

App Streams

App streams live alongside native streams within the tabs on a user's Hootsuite dashboard. An example of an App stream is the My Videos app stream made available by the YouTube app.

App Plugins

App plugins extend the set of operations that be taken on any social media message. For example, with the Send to ZenDesk plugin that comes with the ZenDesk app users can create a ZenDesk support ticket from any Twitter or Facebook message.

Before starting development on your App, make sure to read and accept the App Directory Developer Terms of Use

When your app has been developed and is ready to be reviewed, please use the App Submission Form - once submitted, we will review your app and get back to you with any necessary changes or requirements that have not been met.

You can also email us at - we will get back to you asap.


The Hootsuite App Directory Team