Engagement API

HootSuite Engagement API Usage Agreement

Updated January 24, 2012

Terms of Service

  1. You agree to act honestly, ethically and in good faith in your use of HootSuite applications and APIs.
  2. You agree to use only your own confidential OAuth Client ID key & secret to access HootSuite APIs.
  3. You agree not to create more API Client keys than you require.
  4. HootSuite can suspend or terminate your API Client key at any time without notice for any reason deemed appropriate by HootSuite.
  5. Upon request from HootSuite, you must provide details about how you are using HootSuite APIs.
  6. For the purposes of throttling and measuring API usage a "query" is every time you make a request to the HootSuite API with a URL, regardless of whether the URL is unique and regardless of the client that is being used to make the request, whether the request is made through a web browser or otherwise.
  7. HootSuite can change the API or this Agreement or the query limits at any time according to the changes we think are necessary moving forward.
  8. Using the API does not give you permission to use the HootSuite brand, word marks, trademarks or logos.
  9. Re-sale, licensing, disclosure or transfer of the metadata retrieved from HootSuite APIs is not permitted without explicit written permission from HootSuite.
  10. We will continue to strive to maintain a high level of service for HootSuite APIs but make no guarantees as to availability of the API.

Please send requests for information about branding restrictions, co-marketing opportunities or query limit increases to apis@hootsuite.com