Monetizing Social for Sports & Entertainment

Get a lot more out of your social audiences than just basic engagement

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Most sports and entertainment companies know the value social media can bring in generating excitement and engagement around their offerings

This hands-on toolkit features proven strategies from global sports and entertainment brands who are successfully converting social media traffic into new forms of revenue, and includes:

Simplify and Secure Your Social Media: 6 Tactics for Media and Entertainment Brands

Learn 6 practical ways to consolidate your social media activity in this guide—including specific steps to create more efficient and impactful social media programs.

See it in Action—Hootsuite Solutions Tour for Media & Entertainment

See for yourself how Hootsuite can make it easy to maintain control over your media properties—while safely letting your teams and fans to generate their own content.

Turn Social Media Traffic into Sales and Sponsorships: 3 Strategy Cheatsheets for Sports and Entertainment Brands

In this guide, find out how to keep up with mobile and social audiences—and convert social media traffic into ticket sales and other forms of revenue.

Vancouver Canucks Case Study

Discover how the Vancouver Canucks hockey team grew their Twitter fan base by 800% and Facebook followers by 600%—while successfully tracking ticket sales to specific social posts.

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