A Dash Agency story on crisis management

Turning a PR disaster into a client success story in just 50 days

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Canadian marketing agency Dash Agency had just 50 days to solve an urgent client challenge—right before a major opening—and report on real business success.

The client was the Canadian Museum for Human Rights (CMHR), Canada’s first national museum to be built in nearly half a century. Seven years in the making, taxpayers were quickly growing impatient and resistant to the project. The museum’s social channels became venting grounds for naysayers. With opening night just 50 days away and cataclysmic social marketing, the museum needed crisis and community management help, fast.

Download this case study to discover how Dash Agency turned the conversations around in order to start building positive brand sentiment and promote tour ticket sales. Find out how Dash Agency:

  • saw 17,913,378 unique impressions in 3 weeks
  • earned 5,551,849 impressions in 3 weeks
  • received ‹15,804 mentions in 72 hours
  • turned sentiment from negative to overwhelmingly positive
  • sold out preview tour reservations at 9,000 tickets over 3 days

Life before Hootsuite was unorganized. We had so many community managers on social, but no collaboration or coordination. Now, we can assign tasks and organize 20 clients at any given time from one dashboard.

—David Bell, Managing Director, Dash Agency