Monetizing Social for TV & Radio Brands

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Media and entertainment companies have a unique opportunity on social media to monetize—instead of simply growing—their fanbase.

But monetizing social media usually happens across many networks and global channels.

Which is why we created a toolkit that puts the spotlight on the right social media frameworks and best practices for the media and entertainment industry.

The toolkit includes:

  • Guide: Simplify and Secure Your Social Media: 6 Tactics for Media and Entertainment Brands
    6 practical tactics to help you better consolidate your social media activity, including actionable steps to create more efficient and impactful social media programs.
  • Guide: The Social Station: 7 Ways TV and Radio Networks Can Increase Tune-in and Monetize Social Audiences
    Learn how to increase the reach of current content, better monetize social traffic, and drive additional revenue from advertisers.
  • Webinar: See It in Action - Hootsuite Solutions Tour for Media & Entertainment
    How you can exercise control over your media properties while empowering your teams and fans to generate content and better engage with your brand.
  • ARTE TV Network Case Study
    Insights into how it’s possible to use social media to generate significant engagement and increased viewership for broadcasts.

To start monetizing your fanbase through social media, fill out the form on the right to download your Monetizing Social Media: TV and Radio Toolkit today.