Hootsuite Pro's features for social success

Customize your dashboard so you can focus where it matters: on your business

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Hootsuite Pro has features that help you save time, prove ROI, and grow your business—all within the customizable dashboard. We’ve created this guide to make it easy to find and use the features that make sense for your business. From expanding your reach to becoming a Hootsuite expert through education and training programs, discover how to accomplish more without the extra time investment.

  • Teams: Save time and optimize collaboration by sharing your social networks with a team member.
  • Analytics: Connect your social media efforts to your business goals, and learn what’s working—and what’s not.
  • Additional social profiles: Manage up to 100 pages and profiles from various social networks from one central location. Expand the number of social profiles to enjoy a customized, comprehensive view of everything happening on your social channels without the extra legwork.
  • Hootsuite University: Become a Hootsuite expert with education and training, and learn social media best practices from top industry influencers.
  • HootCare: Looking for an answer, but you’re under a time crunch? HootCare offers expedited support with a guaranteed response time.
  • Vanity URLs: Providing valuable analytic insights, vanity URLs extend your branding into your social messages.

Using Hootsuite, we're able to serve our customers more effectively and on a personal level. Creating that bond while problem solving results in happy, repeat customers.

—Allison Butula, Social Media Manager, Herschel