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Secure Social Scaling for Governments

How to scale social without compromising government security

Social media is a great way for governments and public service agencies to communicate with—and serve—constituents.

That has led a lot of governments and agencies to increase their social media capabilities—while also working to maintain a high level of security.

As a Hootsuite Enterprise user, you already have the perfect platform to scale up without compromising security, but you need to do it right.

Watch this webinar, hosted by Hootsuite’s own social media security experts, and learn about some key strategies and best practices designed to help you securely scale social across your entire organization

Secure Social Scaling for Governments

This webinar is illustrated with real-life examples and includes how to:

  • Securely scale across multiple social networks, departments, and users
  • Ensure employees across the entire organization follow your social policies
  • Monitor and respond to an increasing volume of social content and comments