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Game Changers: How to Create a Network of Influencers

Learn how to engage with influential social media users to amplify your content.

Social media is all about meaningful connections. Nurturing relationships with customers and prospects is crucial, but don’t neglect influencers—the people your customers listen to and trust.

But once you find influencers, how do you approach them online and get them onside?

Game Changers: How to Create a Network of Influencers

Watch this 15-minute live tutorial to learn how to sift through millions of social media conversations to uncover the people your audience follows—and trusts. Then, discover how to create a manageable list of the most relevant influencers, and turn them into loyal advocates for your business, brand, and social campaigns.

This short tutorial helps you to efficiently create a network of influencers to increase your online reputation and build brand awareness, including how to:

  • Use Klout to pinpoint the influencers with the biggest social reach
  • Interact with influencers through content they share—and become an active participant in their conversations
  • Create Twitter Lists to keep track of what your influencers are talking about—and help you maintain a two-way relationship