App Guidelines

Basic Testing

Hopefully you have done some proper testing on your app.  Here are some tests to consider adding to your QA list before submitting for review.

Login Workflow

Can a user…

  1. login to the app from a stream / plugin
  2. logout from a settings (cog icon) menu
  3. logout and login as another user
  4. be redirected to a logged in app after login
  5. navigate away from a HS Dashboard tab and come back logged in

Retain User Settings

The App will retain any user settings saved in the stream from one session to another (ex: User sets a search filter to a stream, the app will retain that filter next time the user accesses Hootsuite).  Can't have users typing in "Cat Dancing Videos" in the app search bar every time they leave a Hootsuite tab. 

Hootsuite Look and Feel

Does your app look and behave like a typical Hootsuite app? Well it should.  Here are some UX and UI features that your app should consider:

Browser Compatibility

Latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 9+


Demo Accounts

We’re going to need the ability to test the app when it is being reviewed as well as demo the app when it has launched.  Provide 2 demo accounts with these requirements:

  • Account 1:
  • Account 2:
  • They don’t expire
  • Have enough permissions to test the app’s full functionality

 Test Data

The testing process will go much faster if you have already included sufficient test data in those 2 demo accounts.  Here are some guidelines for great test data:

  • Enough posts in stream to test infinite scroll - show us the goods!
  • No http images/videos served (only https) - stay secure!
  • No offensive language, images or videos - #$@$ that!