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Video Transcript

Since its inception over a decade ago, Facebook has made great strides to optimize their platform to make it easy for businesses to connect with their customers. With millions of small business pages active on the network every day it can be hard to stand out, so let’s take a look at how you can optimize your Facebook page to increase  your company’s visibility on this platform.

As with other social networks, engaging visual content is the first point of contact between you and a visitor to your page. A bright, vivid and high resolution cover photo is essential to capturing attention. You can use this space strategically to announce new product releases and create greater exposure for upcoming events.  Keep in mind that many users access Facebook through mobile devices which will change how your images are displayed. It’s best to keep your images light on text, so if you do use any in your cover photo, make sure to place it closer to the upper right hand corner of the picture so it’s visible on any device.

Your profile photo appears in your followers’ news feeds, next to your page name every time you publish a new post, and whenever you interact with your followers or other business pages. Therefore, it’s a best practice to pick an image, such as your company logo, and stick with it so over time your page becomes recognizable and familiar.

If you have other social profiles, make sure to maintain continuity between your profile photos as well as how you describe your business. Focus on a handful of keywords that describe your company and use them in the About sections across all of your social media assets. Keeping SEO in mind, the first 140 characters of your About section will serve as a descriptor for links leading to your profile in search engine results. It’s important that they clearly communicate your company offering to encourage visitors to click through . Don’t forget to add a link to your website which will appear automatically under the “About” field.

If you’re a brick and mortar business, it’s important to include your address and phone number in your profile. This will help search engines to index you in local search results and will give your visitors an easy contact point. Keep in mind that providing a location for your business will auto-generate a map on your profile. If it’s not critical for you to be found on a map, you may want to skip this field so the prominent profile space can be dedicated to other page elements.

Lastly, a vanity URL for your brand page is visually appealing, easy to remember and reinforces your brand. You can set your vanity url by navigating to your settings tab, followed by Page Info.  It’s best to pick a web address that matches your business name completely, but if that’s already taken, try a slight variation - just make sure it’s on brand and memorable.  

To summarize, fill out your profile details accurately and completely. Keep SEO and keywords in mind when writing copy for your “About” section. Keep your imagery high resolution, engaging and interesting. and set a vanity URL for your page for a polished profile look.