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Video Transcript

Whether you manage two or twenty social media profiles, posting content that is engaging and interesting on a daily basis can be a challenge.

Hootsuite’s Bulk Upload feature lets you schedule up to 350 posts in advance, giving you the ability to plan what you want to publish,   freeing up time that can spent engaging with your followers.  

Additionally, it’s a great tool for executing messaging for campaign and content strategies in one dedicated session.

Let’s say you’re a small grocer running a holiday campaign and you’ve prepared 4 weeks of social posts.

To begin scheduling messages in bulk, first navigate to the ‘Publisher’ section, click BULK MESSAGE UPLOAD  and download the sample .csv file you’ll fill with your posts.

It’s important to note that the best programs to use when working with this file are Google Docs, Text Edit and Textwrangler - Excel spreadsheets may not recognize some characters.

Once the .csv file is open, begin adding your data.

In the first column, input the date in MONTH, DAY, YEAR or   DAY, MONTH, YEAR format, followed by the time you want the message to be published.

The time code must end with either a ZERO or a FIVE, and all messages must be scheduled at least 10 minutes ahead of when you plan to import the .csv file into Hootsuite.

In the second column, write your message as you want it to appear.  

And in the third optional column, add the URL for any content you are linking to.

URLs will be automatically shrunk into trackable links upon upload but keep in mind the character limit of the social network to which you’re posting.

Due to the limitations of the .csv format, it’s not possible to add images or videos to your bulk messages.

However, you may edit the messages in the Publisher to attach additional content.

Once your file is complete, head back to your dashboard.

Select the .csv you wish to upload, the date format you used in the file and the social profiles to which you want to publish these messages.

Hit SUBMIT to schedule your messages, and navigate to the SCHEDULED tab in your Publisher, which will now be populated with your messages.  

Now that the messages for your campaign are taken care of, you can focus your time and effort on monitoring its success.

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