Hootup Outline Guideline

Tips for planning your Hootup outline

Networkingsuggested time 10-30 minutes

If you have a large audience, allow time for casual networking to get people engaged before the presentation

Introduction - suggested time five minutes

  • Welcome your guests, let them know topics being covered, key takeaways to expect and a schedule of events
  • Include Hootsuite videos, event hashtag and encourage your audience to be active on social

Content - suggested time 25 minutes

  • Start sharing your topics with demos, case studies and engaging the audience with questions that add value to your content
  • If you don’t have a panel discussion feel free to increase this suggested timeframe

Panel discussion - suggested 25 minutes

  • Introduce each panelist with a brief background on their experience, current job title and a fun fact to keep things interesting
  • Allow each panelist to introduce themselves, but inform them before this should be brief (around one minute each)
  • Ensure you have your questions prepared and engaged your guests before on social to see what questions they have.

Thought sharing - suggested 10 five minutes

  • Allow your guests to reflect on the presentation and ask any questions they might have to you and your panelists
  • Encourage attendee to ask questions via twitter during the event via the Hootfeed

Conclusion - suggested time five minutes

  • Highlight the key takeaways from your Hootup
  • Inform attendees you will be emailing a 60 day trail to Hootsuite Pro and University after the Hootup

Closing networking  - suggested time 10-30 minutes

  • Allow guests to continue the discussion after the presentation and be sure to stick around for any additional questions your guests might have
  • If you had speakers encourage them to stay as well - guests love to interact with the panel on a personal level