Ready to take your love of Hootsuite and its culture to the next level? Join the global community of social media enthusiasts, professionals and brand advocates as a Hootsuite Ambassador!

As a Hootsuite Ambassador, you will be able to showcase your social media and Hootsuite expertise by:

  • hootamb-advocating

    Advocating Hootsuite products

  • hootamb-sharing

    Sharing content with your existing networks

  • hootamb-insights

    Providing regional insight and product feedback

  • hootamb-presence

    Creating a stronger presence for Hootsuite in your region

  • hootamb-events

    Hosting events focused on social media and Hootsuite

The Hootsuite Ambassador position is voluntary and requires a minimum of three month commitment. Each week, your participation in Hootsuite activities will take around one hour. This time can be spent advocating on Hootsuite’s behalf, engaging with other Ambassadors or participating in our exclusive online communities.

Apply Now

What does it take to be an Ambassador?

  • Be an active Hootsuite user and enthusiast
  • Have an in-depth knowledge on Hootsuite products and services
  • Be socially savvy and a leader in your industry! #trendsetter

The Hootsuite team will process program applications on a bi-monthly basis. This will fall on the 15th and end of each month. Due to application volume, only successful applications will be contacted.