What is the format of a Hootup?

Hootups can be run in various ways, but here are some general formats:

  • Educational: Seminar, workshop, panel discussion, or presentation
  • Social: Networking event with speakers, launch parties or post-conference/event breakout session
  • Online: Google Hangout, webinar or Twitter chat


How involved is Hootsuite in the Hootup process?

While Hootsuite is here to support you throughout your Hootup journey, this is your event and we give you the tools to take ownership of it. Hootsuite is will support you by:

If you feel you need additional support in any way, your Regional Hootup Lead is always happy to help.


How many Hootups can I host?

There is no limitation on the number of Hootups an organizer can host. We encourage you to experiment with different formats, audiences, locations and topics.


Can I host a recurring Hootups?

Yes. Hosting recurring Hootups is a great way to grow your network and deepen relationships within your community. You must submit a new form for each Hootup your are hosting. 


What are Hootsuite’s expectations?

  • Hootups are free #everyoneswelcome
  • Applications must be submitted at least six weeks before the proposed date
  • #Hootup is part of your event title and hashtag (i.e #HootupNYC) - we want to follow the awesomeness
  • Submit your Organizer Wrap-up Report within one week of your Hootup.

What steps does hosting a Hootup entail?

Check out the Hootup flowchart for a step-by-step guide.


Can I host a Hootup as part of my Solution Partner event?

Yes. The process is the same, but you will need to indicate that you are a Solution Partner on the application form.


If I’m a Solution Partner, can I use my partner link during my Hootup instead of the Hootup coupon code?

Yes. You must indicate that you have done this in the Hootup Organizer Wrap-up Form so that we can accurately track your coupon redemption rate.


Do I have to live in the same city as my Hootup?

No. We encourage you to host Hootups wherever you wish as long as you indicate the location in your Hootup application.


Do I have to submit an application for each Hootup I plan to host?

Yes, this is required. You can find the application link here.


Is there a deadline for submitting a Hootup Application?

Hootup applications must be submitted no less than six weeks before the proposed date. Any Hootups applications submitted within six weeks of your proposed date will not be accepted.


Can I host the Hootup with someone else?

Yes. You will need to make sure you include their information when you submit your Hootup application under the questions and comments section. 


Can my Hootup be in conjunction with a current meetup group or club that I’m involved with?

Yes. If you are part of a group or club that hosts events, you are welcome to turn one (or many) of those events into a Hootup. The Hootup process is the same and you will required to add #Hootup to your event name.


Can there be more than one Hootup in a city?

Yes. Ws each Hootup offers something different and unique.


What should I do if my event conflicts with another social media event in the region?

If you don’t want your Hootup to conflict with another event in the area, we suggest reaching out to the other organizer and seeing if there’s a way for you to join forces. If you’re not comfortable with this, feel free to change the date and let us know.


How many people can attend my Hootup?

As many people as you feel comfortable with and that the venue will accommodate. Hootups have ranged from five to 500 people, so the possibilities are endless.


Do I have to set a hashtag for my Hootup?

Yes, this is so that we can follow all the awesome action. Here is a simple naming formula: #Hootup + city name/abbreviation (example: #HootupNYC). Alternatively, highlight the theme of your Hootup with a formula such as #Hootup + Theme (example: #HootupMarketing).
Please remember that Hootup is written with a lower case 'U' (ie. Hootup, not HootUp).


Can I charge people for attending?

No. Hootups are free events so that everyone in your community can attend. If you need to cover costs, consider reaching out to local companies that use Hootsuite or are active on social to sponsor your Hootup. Do not reach out to Hootsuite competitors for sponsorship. If you are a Hootsuite Solution Partner and are charging attendees for your seminar, your Hootup must be separate from this event.

Can I organize a Hootup that lasts longer than one day?

Yes. Hootups can be conferences or multi-day workshops as sometimes there is not enough time in one session to cover everything the audience needs to know.

Can I speak at my own Hootup?

Yes. It’s your event, you can choose whether you will present, host or both.


Can Hootsuite connect me with speakers?

Yes. We have a large network of Brand Ambassadors and Hootsuite experts that could potentially join your Hootup via Google Hangouts. Reach out to your local regional Hootup leads to find out more. 


Can Hootsuite set-up a registration platform for my Hootup?

No, but we have given you the tools to create your own Eventbrite page.


Does Hootsuite financially support Hootups?

Yes. Hootsuite can provide a budget of up to $300 USD to all Hootup organizers. To qualify for reimbursement, follow these steps.

Can I get sponsors for my event?

Yes. Consider reaching out to local companies that use Hootsuite or are active on social. Do not reach out to Hootsuite competitors for sponsorship. Check out these sponsorship ideas.


Can I livestream my event?

Yes. You can also upload the video to YouTube after the event to maximize your event’s reach and longevity.


What is the policy for using Hootsuite videos and materials?

You may use Hootsuite’s videos freely. Do not manipulate information or images of Hootsuite material for your Hootup. If you would like a Hootsuite banner or poster, let us know and we can create one customized for your event.


Are there any resources to use during a Hootup?

Yes. You can find Hootup organizer resources here.


What should I do after a Hootup?

Submit the Organizer Wrap-up Report within one week of your Hootup, which will include the attendee list and up to two photos to be added to our Hootup gallery.  

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