Hootups are free events organized by Hootsuite Ambassadors, Partners, employees and users around the world. They’re an opportunity for Hootsuite enthusiasts to bridge online and offline worlds while networking with professional peers, sharing tips and best practices on all things social. The Hootsuite team is here to help you along the way providing advice, promotion, swag and planning resources.


  • Applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks before the proposed date
  • Hootups must be a free event for your attendees
  • Your event hashtag must include #Hootup (i.e. #HootupNYC) so that we can follow your awesome event!

Hootsuite is here to help

Hootsuite is here to support you throughout your Hootup journey and ensure your event is a success. We give you creative control of the overall theme and topics, so you’re free to use your expertise to best engage with your attendees.

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