•  #HootAmb Supporter You have completed 1 Ambassador challenge
  •  Event Planner You hosted 1 Hootup
  •  Social Starter You have completed 5 Social Media challenges
  •  Challenge Starter You have completed 5 challenges
  •  Blogger You have created a blog about Hootsuite
  •  Advocate You're a true Hootsuite advocate and have completed one referral challenge
  •  App Aristocrats You left one steller review of our Hootsuite dashboard

 #HootAmb Love You have completed 3 Ambassador Highlight challenges

  •  Points Pro You have earned 1000 points
  •  Event Pro You hosted 2 Hootups
  •  So Social You have completed 10 Social Media challenges
  •  Challenge Trail Blazer You have completed 10 challenges
  •  Bold Blogger You have created 2 blogs about Hootsuite
  •  #HootAmb Champion You have completed 5 Ambassador Highlight challenges
  •  Points Party! You have earned 2500 pointsezembed 
  •  Event Expert You hosted 3 Hootups
  •  Top Tweeter You have completed 15 Social Media challenges
  •  Challenge Conqueror You have completed 50 challenges
  •  Beaming Blogger You have created 3 blogs about Hootsuite
  •  Feedback Guru You have completed 2 feedback challenges
  •  Beta Tester You have tested a new Hootsuite feature and provided feedback

 #HootAmb Superhero You have completed 10 Ambassador Highlight challenges

  •  The 5000 Club You have earned 5000 points
  •  Event Master You hosted 5 Hootups
  •  Savvy Social You have completed 25 Social Media challenges
  •  Challenge Ruler You have completed 75 challenges
  •  Brilliant Blogger You have created 5 blogs about Hootsuite
  • #HootAmb Legend You have completed 15 Ambassador Highlight challenges
  •  Make it Rain You have earned 10,000 points

         Event Jedi You hosted 10 Hootups

  •  Expert Social You have completed 50 Social Media challenges
  •  Challenge Superhero You have completed 100 challenges
  •  Best Blogger You have created 10 blogs about Hootsuite
    •  HootAmb Supporter You have been selected as Ambassador of the Month
    • hootsuite university badge  Hootsuite Academy Graduate Graduate of Hootsuite Academy