What is #Tech4GoodYVR?

#Tech4GoodYVR is an auction that will run until Dec 16. Prizes include time with leaders in Vancouver's tech community, with proceeds going to The Next Big Thing to run code camps for kids that attend school in the Downtown Eastside. All money raised will go toward supporting these full-day educational camps, and helping ensure kids and teens from all backgrounds have free access to coding skills and resources.Whether you're looking for advice on how to grow from 50 to 500 employees, looking to raise your next round or seeking a unique experience, bid for a chance to hang out with some of Vancouver's leaders in tech while making a positive impact in our community.

Bid to meet one of these Vancouver tech leaders

  • Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes

    Ryan Holmes

    Lunch with Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes at Belgard Kitchen in Vancouver

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  • Stewart Butterfield, Slack Co-founder

    Stewart Butterfield

    Lunch with Co-founder and President of Slack Stewart Butterfield

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  • Shahrzad Rafati, BroadbandTV CEO

    Shahrzad Rafati

    Lunch with BroadbandTV CEO Shahrzad Rafati at Chambar in Vancouver

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  • Boris Wertz, Founder, Version One Ventures

    Boris Wertz

    Lunch with Founder of Version One Ventures Boris Wertz in Vancouver

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  • Jeff Booth, BuildDirect CEO

    Jeff Booth

    Lunch with BuildDirect CEO Jeff Booth in Vancouver

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  • Webnames CEO, Cybele Negris

    Cybele Negris

    Lunch with Webnames CEO Cybele Negris at Minami in Vancouver

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  • Andrew Reid, Vision Critical Founder

    Andrew Reid

    Snowmobiling in Whistler with Vision Critical Founder Andrew Reid

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  • Roger Hardy, Chairman of Hardy Capital Partners

    Roger Hardy

    Dinner with SHOEme.ca CEO Roger Hardy at Hawksworth in Vancouver

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  • Meredith Powell, Executive Director, The Next Big Thing Foundation

    Meredith Powell

    Lunch with The Next Big Thing Executive Director Meredith Powell in Vancouver

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  • Michael Gokturk, Payfirma CEO

    Michael Gokturk

    Lunch with Payfirma CEO Michael Gokturk at Hawksworth in Vancouver

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  • Ian Crosby, Bench Accounting CEO

    Ian Crosby

    Lunch with Bench Accounting CEO Ian Crosby at Alibi Room in Vancouver

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  • Unbounce founder headshot


    Dinner with Unbounce founders at Alibi Room, Vancouver

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